20240703 Kendo & Baseball Send-Off & Cheering Practice

 20240703 Kendo Team member Kiiro Onizawa will be taking part in this year's Interhigh Competition, and the Baseball Team will be taking part in the Ibaraki Prefecture Koshien Tournament. The student body and staff held a Send-Off for both today. Following this, the Cheer Squad took over and held a cheering practice for the upcoming baseball tournament. KHS will take to the diamond on Saturday, July 13th in Tsuchiura, where they'll be facing Tsuchiura First High School.

  If the practice is any indication, there will be a lot of pressure on our opponent!  





20240701 書籍費をご寄付いただきました

 20240701 本日、本校卒業生、大橋政雄様より、書籍費寄付の目録をいただきました。




20240628 職員研修(教育相談)

 20240628 本校スクールカウンセラー、菅宮先生を講師にお迎えして、職員研修を行いました。


20240627 第27回鹿嶋市美術展覧会

 20240627 鹿嶋市美術展覧会にて、写真部の作品が奨励賞をいただきました。


堀田 綾乃 さん(2年6組) 

20240626 職員研修(ICT研修会)

 20240626 コードタクト社の古谷氏をお迎えして、ClassiNOTEについての研修を行いました。第1部では基本機能と新機能、第2部では生成AI体験、DXハイスクール的視点からのAI分析の展課と課題、等について研修しました。


20240624 学校評議員会

 20240624 今日は学校評議員の方々に来校いただき、学校概要説明、授業見学、教科書選定協議会を実施、最後に意見交換会を行いました。変化を続ける鹿島高校・附属中学校のために、今後もご協力をいただきます。


20240619-20 家庭科・保育体験学習



20240619 海の安全教室


  • 海に潜む危険な生物(クラゲ、エイ)や堤防には近づかない!
  • 離岸流に流されたら落ち着いて助けを待つ
  • 海でも熱中症には注意
  • 大地震が起きたらすぐに陸にあがり高台へ(津波が来る恐れあり) など


20240618 Rotary Club High School Essay Contest

A number of our students entered essays in the Kashima Central Rotary Club's High School Essay Contest. Four of our third year students were awarded out of 488 entries: one student received the Judging Committee's Chairman Award, while three more received the Award of Excellence.


20240612 学習塾対象学校説明会





20240612 PTAさわやかマナーアップキャンペーン

6月12日(水) 早朝より、本校PTAによるさわやかマナーアップキャンペーンを行いました。



20240607 第1年次学びみらいPASS解説講演会



20240607 Student Teacher Lessons Day 2

Both of our student teachers carried out lessons for their practica this morning. Again, students appeared to be enjoying the lessons, while the teachers were nervous with their senpai observing them.

We're certain they'll both go on to be exceptional teachers!


☝ Japanese History ☝



☝ Physical Education ☝

Our Principal taking a few minutes to give feedback.

20240606 Student Teacher Lessons Day 1

We have two student teachers here at KHS this year for their teaching practicum. Each one must do a full lesson in the classroom with students in order to finish their practicum. KHS teachers observe the lesson, and then give feedback based on their years of experience. This lesson was for Health Education, and was be given by one of our own graduates. KHS students are always quiet, and eager to allow the student teachers to present their lesson to the best of their ability.



20240605 Seminar on the Dangers of Drugs

First year students in both the junior high and the high school attended a special seminar on the Dangers of Drugs and Drug Abuse in the gymnasium. Though still not commonplace, the chances of being exposed to drugs in Japan are increasing. For the students, it's far better for this to be their first exposure to the world of drugs. Students were listening attentively to understand not only the difference between certain drugs, but also the cautions they were being given about them.


20240603 Academic Guidance Fair at Mito Plaza Hotel

Our second year students went to the Mito Plaza Hotel for the University & Two-Year College Academic Guidance Fair - Mito venue. With the weather being perfect for an outing, students from all over the prefecture arrived throughout the day, filling the parking lot with buses, and the venue with students and teachers. Our students were excited from the get-go to have the opportunity to discuss their future plans with representatives from Waseda University, Ibaraki University, Tsukuba International University, and over 150 other post-secondary institutions from around the country.

We hope you all found at least one university to your liking....

 Now all you have to do is your BEST





20240531 Teaching Seminar

We currently have two aspiring teachers carrying out their practicum at KHS. Together with one of our young new English teachers, they held a Teaching Seminar for the high school students. Many students, some who have already decided they want to go on to become teachers and others who are considering the teaching profession as a career, took part in the seminar. Students eagerly listened to the advice given, and afterwards, had a Q&A session with the speakers, as well as other teachers including our principal, to gather more information in order to make informed decisions about their future.






20240529 第3学年対象進路ガイダンス


 ガイダンスの様子は 進路支援(本校の取り組み)

20240524 Kendo Club and Table Tennis Club to Participate in Kanto District Tournament

The school arranged an online send-off ceremony for the KHS Boys' Table Tennis Club and the Girls' Kendo Club who will be participating in the upcoming Kanto District Tournament. 




 Congratulations, and Good Luck! 

20240523 鹿島アントラーズホームゲームでの吹奏楽部演奏






今回の演奏プログラムや司会進行は高校生が中心となって考え、『ケセラセラ』や『名探偵コナン メインテーマ』、『アンパンマンのマーチ』などを演奏しました。また、翌日の20日がアントラーズのマスコット、「しかお」さんの誕生日ということで、『Happy Birthday to You』も演奏し一緒にお祝いをしました。





20240514 Student to take part in World Scholars Cup in Korea
20240521 3年保護者対象進学講演会


20240518 PTA General Meeting & Open Classes

Prior to today's PTA General Meeting, we held open classes for parents and guardians who take an interest in what makes up their child's education at KHS and Attached JHS. The junior high science and high school first year music classes appeared to be of great interest, judging by the number of parents and guardians gathered to observe the lessons.













A big thank you to all of the parents and guardians who could spare the time to attend today's event!


20240501 軽音楽部新歓ライブ
20240426 Classmatch to Welcome New Students

2024 Classmatch to Welcome New Students

Everyone had a fantastic time competing in tournaments in a number of categories including Soccer, Dodgeball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Card Games, and more.


Competing fiercely, each student went all out for the victory. This was a great opportunity to make new friends from other classes, and even between grades. Laughter could be heard throughout the campus reminding us that cooperation, teamwork, cheering others on, and just having fun are the building blocks are the real victories.

Congratulations to the victorious!

And congratulations to all of you who made new friends, put out your best effort, worked as a team, and had fun and laughed and enjoyed the day despite your exhaustion!!!

20240424 General Meeting of the Student Body

Student Council held the annual General Meeting of the Student Body online during today’s LHR to give account for the previous year’s activities, as well as to present the budget and their plans for the 2024 school year. This year’s schedule includes the Biannual Cultural Festival in September, so it promises to be an exciting year for the student body.



20240419 Meet The Foreigner-Four Team

Meet The FOREIGNER-FOUR Team, seen below re-creating a different iconic album cover from 1969....


From right to left左:

* Justine-sensei

  Country: Born and raised in America

  Length of stay in Japan to date: 258 days

  Hobbies: tennis, drawing, baking

* Are-sensei

  Country: Born and raised in Zimbabwe

  Length of stay in Japan to date: 34 days

  Hobbies: travelling, photography

* Oliver-sensei

  Country: Born and raised in America

  Length of stay in Japan to date: 258 days

  Hobbies: hiking, playing video games, training

* Kivi-sensei

  Country: Born in Finland, raised in Canada, got old in Japan

  Length of stay in Japan to date: 12,116 days

  Hobbies: songwriting, photography, motorcycles

Using our various talents and past experiences, we are striving to bring English to life for our students.

If you see us in town or on campus, why not say "Hello!"?

20240417 交通安全講話




20240411 春の全国交通安全運動街頭キャンペーン





20240410 吹奏楽・書道部合同パフォーマンス



20240410 1年次オリエンテーション



20240410 Freshmen Welcoming Ceremony

Student Council organized the annual Freshmen Welcoming Ceremony where the new first year students were given a quick presentation about their new school, and an introduction to the available clubs at KHS. Hopefully, they will all find a club where they can fit in, and make new friends and fantastic memories while they're here!




20240409 Entrance Ceremony

The 2024 Entrance Ceremony for both the high school and the junior high school was held today. Students appeared to be very nervous, and their guardians were trying their best to get good photos of the students as they filed in and out of the ceremony.


20240408 入学式への祝電、メッセージへのお礼






20240408 新任式・生徒会任命式・ALT離任式・前期始業式




20240404 Farewell Ceremony for Teachers

Teachers who have moved on to different schools, different jobs, or retired at the end of the 2023 school year came for the Farewell Ceremony held this afternoon. Students listened quietly as their teachers made emotional farewell speeches, and reminisced about their time with the students. The teachers were presented with beautiful bouquets.by the Student Council. 


20240403 書道部の作品が県立鹿行生涯学習センターで展示




展示期間は 4月2日(火)~4月27日(土)午前までです。


Works by the KHS calligraphy club are now on display at the Prefectural Rokko Lifelong Learning Center.

The club was asked to exhibit their works at the center after having written the title characters for last year's "Kashima City Council Newsletter".

Each member of the club wrote a haiku by Taneda Santouka, a wandering haiku poet, on a 1.1 meter by 3.4 meter sheet of paper, focusing on the character for "journey".

The exhibition will run from Tuesday, April 2 to the morning of Saturday, April 27.